For human society to function, it had to be divided into nations, each of which had to elect its leaders. In other words, a system of political representation. And since people are diverse, politicians had to be diverse as well. And so, long ago, we had right-wing, center-right, and left-wing. We are still divided today. The real question is how we, the people, should understand it.

We know that the left is supposed to stand with the common people. It should perhaps be primarily communist or even social democratic. But let us be realistic. How many poor or at least modest and unpretentious top politicians do you know who belong to these parties? I do not know a single one. Besides, the people don\’t trust Hungry Spirit, they are all talk and don\’t seem to be doing anything for the people. They may have given us some extra money from time to time, but that was mostly before the elections. And to this day we are still paying the bill, for example, through inflation and increased government debt.

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The right, on the other hand, is supposed to support mainly those who are rich, independent, and do not want much from the state or anything except to set the rules of the game. They should be the party of the rich. But if you look at those who call themselves right-wingers, how many of them do not play by the rules of the market and are populist, handing out money to everyone? Even those on the right are squeezing and redistributing money from entrepreneurs to please their greedy constituents.

And centrist politics? That is something I do not understand at all. It\’s the same with the center-right and the center-left. They want to please everyone, but they serve no one. When the wind blows, so does the cape. The only thing that is certain for them, as for the right and the left, is the desire for power.

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We the people today have a choice between parties. We can choose whether we want a government that supports one party at the expense of the other, or whether we want a government that supports one party at the expense of the other. But either choice is ultimately the same. You know that. In the last election we completely changed our political representation. What is the situation now? Very much the same as before the elections.