One of the most popular places for family walks is in the woods. We all subconsciously feel that the forest has a positive effect on us. Not only physically, but also mentally. Perhaps this is why children also like to go to the forest. Children like to play games during their walks, and often the adults are enthralled as well. One such game is pinecone throwing. They throw pinecones as far as they can or to a predetermined target. All that is required is to collect enough ammunition, which is always plentiful in the forest. The children can take home the pine cones they have collected. Whether spruce, pine or larch. There, they can use string, wire, pieces of cloth, glitter, and loop glue to create fun characters. You can even create forest elves and fairies. There is no limit to imagination.

Hra na lesní víly

Also, making houses for fairies is fun not only for children but also for their parents. All you have to do is find a suitable tree in the forest and build a fantasy dwelling under it. There are many things needed for this purpose around. Moss, bark, needles, sticks, acorns, etc. Summer and fall are the best seasons for this activity. This is when building materials are at their peak. It is also the ideal time to build a forest tower. Not only can we introduce the children to the materials they will need, but we can also teach them what they need to know. In doing so, the children\’s tower will be sturdy and will continue to stand even after they leave.

Lesní romantika

If you are going for a walk in the woods with a large group of children, prepare a game for them to enjoy. The name of the game is “Scramble to Move”. Simply choose one less tree, depending on the number of children. It is appropriate to tie a colored ribbon to that tree. This will facilitate the progression of the game. When moving between them, the player should be careful not to get caught by one not currently standing near one. If they are caught, they will be caught. Young children love to guess the animals. This game brings a lot of fun not only to them but also to their peers. All participants in the field trip sit on a pallet in the forest and take turns to perform a particular animal. Pantomime and sound. Whoever can guess correctly gets to perform the next animal. On the way back, feel the forest with all your senses. You may even hear the babbling of the forest stream.