Although they may be considered a common consumer part of a car, this is not the case as they affect various functions It is not entirely true. For example, if the weather is sunny, dry, and at a comfortable temperature, there are usually no major problems. However, in the case of heavy rain, the situation is different and one may have to brake in critical situations. It is precisely in these situations that the tires must perform properly,and the shortest possible braking distance.

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Better brand tires are usually more expensive, but there is still more to be gained and potentially a longer life. It also depends a lot on what type of car you want and how you drive. If you want to have fun in a fast car, another car may be more suitablethan a comfortable ride in a family car . As you know, footwear is really important for sports cars, because performance needs to be transferred to the road as much as possible. Not only performance, but also the car must be able to hold up well in corners, even in less than ideal conditions. Braking again deals with the length of braking distance, which varies considerablyfrom product to product.

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If you have ever purchased tires and compared different products, you will see If you have ever bought a tire and compared different products, you will know that there are quite a few parameters to look at. First, figure out what size you need and what you will actually use it for. Basic dimensions and features are marked. You can look up dimensions, load capacity, maximum speed, etc. As for the weight index of the tire, if you choose the right dimensions there should be no problem with the allowable load capacity.

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Keep an absolute eye on grip. Modern cars are soundproofed, and you certainly don\’t want to be unnecessarily disturbed by the whine of tires, which is why theyare classified in certain noise classesRubber naturally ages, so there is no harm in checking the date of manufacture