Recipes are no longer just words on paper or thick, heavy books. If you want to make the perfect sirloin or pumpkin parmesan soup, you don\’t have to wade through books! There are several ways to cook without cookbooks!
příprava pokrmu

Have you ever tried cooking with YouTube?

YouTube has the advantage that many recipes are available, filmed, and explained in step-by-step detail. Bloggers try to make their videos as accessible as possible for their followers, so the recipe videos are nicely done. You don\’t pay anything to watch the video, you can leave comments or questions for the blogger to answer. Then, with either a thumbs up or thumbs down, you can give your impressions and opinions of the video.
nádobí na polici

A Czech internet portal full of advice and recipes, traditional, original and modern. Anyone can add to this portal, the only requirement is registration, which is of course free (as well as adding a contribution). The risk is that the recipes are amateur, often verified by only one person, but don\’t worry. Below the recipe, you can leave a rating or read recipe reviews from other users. That way you will know if the recipe is worth trying.

Do you watch Herbarium on Czech TV?

Czech television also airs programs that focus on traditional Czech cuisine. One such program is Herbář, which is broadcast by ČT on its channel every Sunday. It can also be viewed on the Internet; on the Herbář website, all recipes can be found under the Czech Television banner!
drobné ovoce

Options for the calorie-conscious

Calorie Chart is an app that allows you to track your daily calorie consumption. At the same time, you can find recipes that are nutritionally balanced, healthy, and delicious!