There are two perspectives on this subject: the first is that of the landlord and the buyer of the property. If you currently have sufficient funds, investing in real estate is the best option for several reasons. First, it provides some fixed income. This is because if you rent out your apartment, you will have money coming into your account every month with little or nothing to show for it. Also, because of the current shortage of apartments, rents can be set relatively high. When you look at how much people are renting their apartments for, it is often unrealistic, even taking into account the condition of the apartments.
Řadové domky

And having an apartment in Prague or Brno is really the best option. If you have the funds to add an apartment, you can earn a so-called passive income every month. You can start an interesting business with housing, so think and decide according to your possibilities.
Pokoj se schodištěm
The second point of view comes, of course, from those who are looking for a home. In this case, everyone must want to rent as cheaply as possible. A look at prices on the Internet now shows that they are indeed high, especially if one wants to live in a large city. From this perspective, the amount of money that landlords demand can be really unrealistic. We cannot make money on housing costs alone, but we want to enjoy other things as well. When choosing, it is good to look at different options. These days there are many websites where you can look at different offers and choose the best one. In general, it is safer to rent an apartment directly from the owner, not through an agency. As long as the rent is really cheap. Often, landlords don\’t realize that if they offer their apartments at a discount, they will quickly get renters for economic reasons. Another major expense is the security deposit that must be paid at the time of signing the lease, which varies in amount