Universal Studios

The largest theme park under Universal Studios, featuring various movie themes. Great rides, attractions, and the best movie effects. You can enjoy it all day long, or even for days if you can.

Hollywood Sign

The massive Hollywood Sign can be seen from anywhere in Los Angeles, so it is no wonder it attracts so many tourists. No wonder it attracts so many tourists. If you want to get as close as possible to the sign, you have to climb a rather steep hill, but the view and the experience are definitely worth it.


Walk of Fame

Walk of Fame (Hollywood Walk of Fame) is, one of the most famous places in Los Angeles. This long street is home to some of the biggest and most memorable celebrity stars. You can enjoy their appearance and take nice pictures. However, you will have to weave between many tourists. For example, the Simpson family and Michael Jackson have their stars here.


Another great theme park with branches all over the world, the largest is in Los Angeles. If you like theme parks and the classic Disney fairy tale, you will definitely find much to enjoy.

Venice Beach

One of Los Angeles\’ most beautiful beaches, filled with stores, street vendors, artists and entertainers boardwalks lined with shops, stalls, artists and entertainers.


Los Angeles Zoo

The Los Angeles Zoo attracts visitors with its rich exhibits and performances of various exotic animals. For example, visitors can enjoy performances by killer whales and dolphins.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

If you like music and concerts, you must visit Walt Disney Concert Hall. The modern architecture of this hall hosts a variety of concerts and can accommodate an audience of over 2,000 people.

Griffith Park

The largest park in North America. It offers beautiful nature and breathtaking views of Los Angeles and the surrounding area.