Satisfaction with telephone operators on the Czech market is not revolutionary. It is often assumed that operators are simply taking advantage of customer ignorance in order to earn higher profits. They are not in charge of their households\’ finances, but they have an almost negative experience with telephone operators


However, in recent decades, telephone operators have expanded their business not only in the telephone market and telephone networks, but also in the Internet and cable television sectors.
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One might conclude that the operators are only interested in making a profit. However, every business should have some social responsibility.

During the advent of the Internet, carriers were free to set user Internet speeds, so clients could easily exceed their monthly rate plans, and providers only profited.

However, this is not the only fraudulent method used by cell phone providers. In fact, mobile operators are often cited as an example of a cartel. A cartel is one of the basic conditions for infringement of competition. It is when similar firms divide territories or agree on uniform prices. This is, of course, a serious violation of market equilibrium. The Office for the Protection of Competition is responsible for remedying such infringements.

In the context of the Internet, the European Union has put a stop to rampant customer rip-offs. This means that all operators must offer the same Internet speed to all customers.
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Of course, this also relates to mobile internet, which currently has LTE speeds. By 2020, 5G speedsshould already be in use. It could happen sooner, but again, operators are reluctant to do so and are making excuses.

Currently, mobile operators have colluded and stated that they will only allow 5G speedsif the net neutrality rules are repealed. This leads to customers being ripped off again.

Large companies claim that the rules set threaten the equilibrium of the market. But is the equilibrium of the market worth allowing global corporations to once again prevail?