You may argue that you do not fit into this category. You manage to do things differently than you do, such as having others do it for you or sharing the “chores” with family members. Perhaps you are one of those women whoare meticulous and happily clean alone.
ovládání vysavače

Taking care of the floor is hard in its own way
. Wood or cork floors, floating floors, vinyl or laminate floors, tile or carpet all require maintenance.

§ Smart robotic vacuum cleaners that vacuum without human interventionmake this job so much easier.
§ Steam cleaners
use steam to clean floors and other surfaces. Examples: cleaning grease stains on kitchen, radiator, bathroom tiles and carpets.
§ WetorDryvacuum cleaners are motor driven. They are suitable for suction of dry, damp, and wet dirt. They can also be used for cleaning cars and suctioning very coarse dirt (e.g., apartment remodeling, basement cleaning)
§Steam moppinginvolves lightly cleaning the floor with a steam mop and then catching loose dirt with a cloth.
§ Hard floor cleaners are designed for wet cleaning of hard floors. This machine is motor-driven. Pre-suctioning and wiping can be done in one step.

Window cleaning is also not a treat, but necessary occasionally.
květiny na oknech
§ Cordless window cleanerswill completely clean your windows, and no dirty water will drip on the floor.

– Cleaning cars, house pavements, garden tools, and vehicles. This work is primarily done by men, but with powerful equipment women can also do it.

§ Motor-driven high-pressure cleanerscan be used outside the home. The high-pressure jet stream of water can perfectly wash cars, outdoor pavement, and concrete. Cleaning garden tools and trash cans is also a breeze.

All of these devices are top performing, efficient, and very effective. The best-selling brands are made in Germany. If you choose your robotic equipment carefully, you will be happy with it.