Children love to play, there is no doubt about it. In addition, games are also important for healthy physical and mental development. It is also an ideal opportunity to learn new skills without much risk and adopt habits that suit them in adult life. But the types of games today, it is clear that we have a lot and not all are equal.

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Today, there is a lot of debate about whether outdoor games or video games are suitable for children. Of course, most people will say it instinctively, of course, external, but this is only the first instinct, which is mainly based on ignorance. We must not forget that video games are here with us only for a relatively short time. Therefore, today\’s parents did not grow up with them as today\’s generation, so they can not judge well. That\’s what we see on TV, especially when we add to this their fairly frequent demonization.

I have to admit that video games have advantages. Usually children learn observation, improve reflexes, and also critical and strategic thinking, depending on the type of game, sharpens logic and often creativity. Many of them teach their children English. And all this is what they need in adult life.

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But this does not mean they are better than outdoor games. Because they are also important. These, in turn, improve the physical condition of the child, improve his dexterity and increase strength. After all, one of the main causes of childhood obesity is lack of exercise and the resulting problems.1

So, which is better? I can\’t say that. Each has something in common, and in both cases you need to support your children. The best results are achieved when both types play and they also add occasional board games with the rest of the family or play with dolls and cars. In this way, they have all the skills they need. And believe me, it will definitely be useful to them. Neither type should be condemned.