In my opinion, people today can not do without the Internet at all.The main reason, for example, is that some people study thanks to a computer, so they also need the Internet and a high-quality Internet connection. I will tell you that when I once had such an online meeting with a teacher or employer, I had such a really unpleasant experience, inconvenience. Simply, he quit my internet service when we were about halfway through some business. I was really upset, the worst part was that this happened and this was the third time in two months. Still, I promised my employers and teachers that this would never happen again, that I would have a new fixed and stable Internet connection.

Bez internetu bych nemohla existovat.

Unfortunately, the opposite was true. Of course, I immediately got angry with the Internet service provider. I told him that this cannot happen when there is an important meeting with a teacher or an employer. They only half apologized to me, but they let it go, they offered no alternative at all. Of course, I quit my job with them. I immediately got a better internet connection. It has been a year and a half, and I have never shut down the Internet service.

Skoro všichni mají doma internet.

Of course, when there is a really big storm or fallen tree somewhere, I understand that this can happen to anyone, the Internet simply stops working and this is because the wires are broken. This can be understood and understood by absolutely everyone, but if you drop the Internet like a light wind blows or just don\’t want the Internet to work, it\’s something else. I\’m always really upset because this is the second time I\’ve lost a great deal and the business I wanted. I think I wasn\’t the only one upset by this.