Even men have their days. That\’s the advertising line of an unnamed alcohol company. It may be true. But it is probably nothing compared to women\’s periods, which are often accompanied by headaches and abdominal pain as well as mood swings. Women know themselves well. Sometimes all we can do is stay in bed, praying that our period will pass. But so did the generations before us. The latter\’s undeniable advantage lies in the assortment of feminine hygiene products available on the market. Our great-grandmothers could really only dream.
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I remember when I was about 14 years old, my father would take my sister and me to the drugstore to pick out what we needed and liked. All my mother had at home were thick, misshapen pads that we both hated. Then paradise came to us. The pharmacist, a friend, took us to the back and introduced us to their offer. With wings or without, thin or thick, long or short. We each chose a different kind, and we went through months of trial and error.
Time passed and I only wore a sanitary napkin after giving birth,other than that,I can\’t get enough of tampons . They are small, unobtrusive, sanitary, easy and quick to use, no mess, no accidents. Everything is where it should be. But there is also quite a choice of brands, and you need to test which one is right for everyone. When we surveyed our female friends, they all have different tastes and favorites. Sometimes it seems as if feminine hygiene products have become fashion accessories. There is nothing that a woman should have to hide discreetly in her handbag. Even if there was an advertisement, the bag was torn open. But I have yet to see anything interesting and tasteful in this area. It\’s all rather embarrassing. There are already cute ads on toilet paper, so maybe we\’ll see them on sanitary napkins and tampons soon. Hopefully it won\’t take that long.