How well we sleep and how well we look.

Human skin is the thinnest of the face, and priority regeneration of internal organs occurs during sleep, only after which the skin regenerates. This order can not be fooled, so various night adrenaline actions, irregular sleep rhythms, premature awakening and stress cause familiar circles under the eyes, increase the formation of wrinkles, swelling, sagging areas, in short, we do not look well.
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1. One of the symptoms of aging that people often do not notice is lack of sleep. Bad skin conditions are quickly recognized and are a kind of initial stimulus for us to think we are doing something wrong. If the warning is ignored, other problems may occur, and these may initiate pancreatic problems in connection with high levels of homocysteine in the blood, excess cholesterol, insulin regulation (diabetes), magnesium deficiency in the body, neurological problems, vascular events, etc.
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Sleep is important for skin and hair regeneration.

Proper, quality sleep also helps in the growth and regeneration of hair tissue. Hair loss and gray hair are associated with malnutrition, overwork, stress and, of course, lack of sleep. You can not separate one from the other, everything fits perfectly together and how you feel inside, so it is not so difficult to be an attractive woman and an attractive man who will affect your surroundings, you will find a moment for yourself, calm down, meditate and listen to your inner voice and your body. You need to tilt. Lack of sleep is immediately recognized by the body and it is necessary to follow these signals as well.
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How to help yourself without a doctor

It is recommended to go to bed regularly, preferably no more than 22 hours.Do not watch TV before falling asleep, and most importantly avoid stressful events. Clear your head and turn it off. Ideally, a short evening bike ride or walk, a nice conversation with friends, a light dinner, stress, caffeine (not even black and green tea), no light in the bedroom. Aromatherapy is an excellent helper, and if you are lucky to have a quality partner on your side, then such a gentle massage, in particular, works wonders on the neck, scalp and feet.