Those who do not want to observe their breathtaking exquisite coloring, flapping butterfly wings, flying freely and freely. As a child, we loved to catch them and be happy to fly again. Today it is more rare to see butterflies flying freely and sitting on flowers. Even more interesting and attractive is the hobby under the action of butterflies living at home.
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Butterflies are divided into day and night. In addition, they are divided into whether to accept food or not. Eating butterflies will live longer. The development of butterflies passes through 4 stages.

How to breed butterflies or get breeding individuals?

Where and how to acquire breeding individuals, which, of course, is the most important act in the implementation of breeding? The ideal in this case is to personally visit the entomological exchange, and at the same time there is the supply and sale of eggs, caterpillars and everything necessary. It is also possible to visit the appropriate breeder with a reservation and buy eggs from him. You can also create contacts and arrange personal meetings through discussion forums and specialized entomology sites. In this case, buying eggs, caterpillars or pupae via the Internet is not the best option. Also, shopping through the Internet is not ideal. Here you will surely apply personal purchases when you get and apply all the necessary professional advice.
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What about the reproduction itself from the beginning, or from the eggs?

Eggs belong to the first stages of development of butterflies.When buying eggs, you should immediately notify the seller when the caterpillar is expected to hatch. If there are eggs that hibernate, they should be placed in a glass or plastic box. It should be a transparent container and fixed so that the caterpillar can not escape after hatching. Eggs require moisture for successful development, that is, provide absorbent paper at the bottom of the container. It is necessary not to put it in a sunny place.

After the egg hatches, the 2nd stage of development, that is, when the caterpillar hatches from the egg.The most important thing here is to provide enough food for the caterpillar.The more food the caterpillar gets, the longer the life of the butterfly itself! Suitable foods are plants that need to be cleaned, cleaned and dried, and never wet. The caterpillar needs a place where there is a constant light. As the caterpillar grows, it needs to provide a larger dwelling. Also, it is not recommended to leave a large number of caterpillars together. It is better to divide it into smaller groups.
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The third stage is pupation of the caterpillar.During this period, the caterpillar\’s feeding weakens. As soon as the color of the pupa changes, the hatching of the butterfly is expected. The pupa needs enough dew and space, because after hatching the butterfly, namely the 4th stage, it needs enough space to spread its wings. After that, we can only wait for the butterfly to hatch and admire its beauty and our own success.