Don\’t think of an important person who (may) sit in a meeting or party convention somewhere, or conversely, a dubious person with official authority. Since there is no such person, this person has no role to play here. It goes without saying, however, that such a person would be of no use not only in the holiday resort, but also in meetings in which he or she is directly involved.

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The representativereferred to here today is a representative of a travel agency, operating in the place where said agency organizes stays for travelers.

Such delegate is a person operating in the place of stay of the traveler entrusted to him and at the traveler\’s disposal if necessary. He/she stays without compensation for the traveler and is suitable to deal exclusively with technical and organizational issues related to the traveler of the travel agency concerned.

Therefore, he is not a guide as it has been thought, since his job is no more than to introduce the traveler, who is now at home, to local places of interest, etc.

When tourists arrive at their destination, it is the representative who greets them at the exit of the arrival lobby and informs them, for example, about their transfer to the hotel and other organizational matters. But that does not mean that he must be someone like Big Ben, played by the German actor Ottfried Fischer, for example.
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In addition, such representatives help the customer, for example, with lodging, filling out registration cards and assigning rooms at hotels, resolving possible differences between what is promised by the travel agent and what is actually received, solving possible complications to do so.

The representative should meet the traveler at the information meeting on the second day at the latest, give him or her important information about the stay and optional events that can be booked and purchased from the representative, maintain an information board and, if unpleasant or unexpected things happen If something unpleasant or unexpected occurs, respond in person or by phone at the allotted time.

He is simply someone who is there for the tourists. The person who will help you if something goes wrong. Because you never know what will happen. Sometimes worse things happen.