Sport or Play – Some people debate whether this playground equipment is for sport or play. We believe it is unwise to separate the two, especially in the case of trampolines. Trampolining is a very popular exercise, and those who have tried it will confirm that this exercise erases depression and sadness and releases the hormones of happiness more easily. The formation of red blood cells – the building and regeneration of bone marrow – is a powerful weapon in this tool\’s arsenal. As happens in all sports and natural movements, the body goes into a special trance when bounced or impacted on a resilient mat, encouraging a brief period of weightlessness with each jump. The muscles are subjected to the appropriate stresses, as are the joint capsules and the spine.
Spine and Joints – Strength training very often overstresses the joint capsule and especially the spine. Instead of stretching and supporting superficial muscle action, thickened muscle areas are shortened, causing scoliosis and other deformities. Trampolining is an ideal way to work more muscles simultaneously and achieve flexibility, suppleness, and increased range of motion. Lymphatic System
Lymphatic System – Modern medicine and some alternative medicine warn against modern civilization against self-inflicted diseases caused by people\’s perverse attitudes toward themselves and their loved ones. Negative thoughts and behaviors are usually the root cause of all disease, and one of the first pathways through which negative behavior patterns are reflected is energetic blockage of the lymphatic system. If this condition persists for a long time and is not remedied, it leads to minor illnesses and then to more serious illnesses. Regular exercise on a trampoline can considerably ameliorate this disease and restore the lymphatic flow to its original state.
pruĹžiny trammpoliny
Energy expenditure– People who have sedentary jobs, suffer from inactivity, or want to lose excess fat in the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks need to know that they expend about 15% more energy than running just on the trampoline bounce! You need to know that.