Winter is a strange time of year with its various school vacations. It begins in the fall, continues through Christmas, and ends with spring break from January to March, depending on the region. Winter vacation is becoming increasingly popular here, with the advantage of being able to choose whether to go to the mountains for skiing or to the sea for sunbathing. What would you choose?

mušle na písku

Winter vacations in the Czech Republic

Vacations in the Czech Republic have the advantage of being relatively cheap. Skiing in the Czech Giant and Jesenicky Mountains is very popular, and Czech ski resorts offer a growing number of activities not only for skiers, but also for beginners and those who do not ski at all. In winter, you can also enjoy wellness in great hotels. Of course, you can combine both activities. During the day you can hit the slopes with all your might, while relaxing in the sauna or hotel pool at night. Winter vacations in the Czech Republic tend to fill up quickly, so be sure to book in advance.

Vacations abroad

When vacationing abroad, you can choose to spend your time by the warm seaside or in one of the many ski resorts in surrounding countries. For example, you can ski in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia, the Alps in Austria, or the Dolomites in Italy. These ski trips may be a bit pricey, but they are definitely worth it.
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If you decide to go to the seaside in the winter, don\’t worry. There are many tourist destinations that get really hot even in winter. If you decide to go to the seaside in winter, do not hesitate to ask your travel agent for advice on where you should go in winter and where you can expect good weather. After all, if you are looking for sun in winter, the weather should be good.

Whichever option you choose for your winter vacation, we hope you have a great time and return home with renewed energy for work and the upcoming school year.