People are divided according to different criteria. To give a few examples,

  • Some people are large, some are small.
  • Some are skinny, some are fat.
  • Some come from the city, others from the village.
  • Some are married, some divorced, some single, some widowed or widowers.61]
  • For example, some people are industrious, others lazy.

You can find many similar differences. And there may be smart people and stupid people. How to distinguish between them? That is actually not easy. Not even a little.děti s knížkou

To others, stupid people do not have an overview of the world, politics, or culture. But the question is whether such a person is really stupid. He may excel in other things for a change, or he may think others are stupid.

For a person can be an idiot even if he has no higher education, that is, no college degree or bunch of certificates. But we all know that even college graduates can be idiots in many ways. They can do their own thing, but in other ways they may not be able to do anything at all.knížky v knihovně

People from the city may look down on people from the village. The city is the city, and the country people do not know it and are sparse. But again, on the other hand, those from the village can handle many practical things that would lead the townsfolk astray and seemingly be considered fools.

In short, education is very relative. It is difficult to measure and sometimes impossible to compare. Everyone has something in their head, everyone knows something, everyone can do something. And it is difficult to determine who is superior and who is inferior.

That\’s why we go to school. It\’s to give people an education. And everyone, ideally, gets the education they need. Those who know what they need to live are never stupid, even if others think they are.

Every education is good and every education is useful in some way. If one wishes. Education here is a useful tool for self-realization. Therefore, it should neither be underestimated nor overestimated. If our country had all college graduates, what would we get out of it? What if no one has a cushy job and everyone is just sitting in a library or office somewhere.