Imagine what you have (also) because you live somewhere and what you would miss if you did not have an address. If you let your imagination run wild, you will soon realize that such
is actually very important for living a so-called normal life. [When applying for a job, try telling a potential employer that you are actually homeless and don\’t live anywhere. At that point, they will most likely lose interest, or at best will not ask much of the applicant, but will only offer you an unattractive job that “normal” people would not want.

kamenný dům

Go to the office and apply for something. How many times will you be told that you will not be allowed? Perhaps the government office divides up the area it manages so that only people who live within that area can apply. And in many cases, the housing is needed so that the client has a place to find when he or she needs it!
This would make it more difficult for those without a home to find a doctor to register with, for example, than for those with a home, and without an address, they would not even be able to get a loan: …….

dřevěný dům

And that is only a problem if the person concerned wants to hide from the authorities. Because the authorities will track down such a person anyway, and the only thing that such a complication brings is that a small problem becomes a big problem in the meantime. This is because, although the city authorities may take over the correspondence of such a person, they are no longer obligated to pursue that person by letter.
Therefore, it is advisable to live somewhere else. Not only for the reasons stated above. Of course, housing is also necessary to ensure that our people can live peacefully, contentedly, and comfortably. And it is always comfortable. Even if such housing is not free and one must pay the price.