Studio Quantic Dream was founded in Paris in 1997.

– Released in 1999 for Microsoft Windows The Nomad Soul The game is set in a futuristic city called Omicron. 14]
The game takes place in the future city called Omicron. It is a densely populated metropolis in the Phenon world. Omicron is surrounded by a crystal dome to protect the metropolis from the ice age that formed after the sun disappeared. [It is divided into five zones: Anekhba, Khalisar, Jaunpur, Jahangir, and Lahore.
At the beginning of the game, the player is asked by a police officer to solve a serial murder case Kay\’l 669.
Bezdrátový ovladač PS4
– 2005, titled Fahrenheit.For MS Windows, PlayStation 2 and Xbox.
This video game is a paranormal thriller. A series of mysterious murders have occurred in New York City. The protagonist tries to unravel the supernatural forces behind these crimes.

– Games Heavy RainThe game was released in 2010 on MS Windows and Playstation 3, with a remastered version on PS4. After celebrating their son Jason\’s birthday, the Mars family heads to a shopping mall. There, Jason gets lost. After being found,Jasonand his fatherEthan Marsare hit by a car. The boy dies and
Ethan falls into a six-month coma. Two years later, his second son is kidnapped. The kidnappers “Origami Killer“.
Počítačová myš
– The hilarious Beyond: Two SoulsThe game was released for the PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows, and was also remastered for the PS4 console.
The game focuses on eight-year-oldJody Holmes,who lives with his adoptive parents. [He has various powers. This scares people around her, and the girl is transferred to the
Institute for Paranormal Studies– headed byNathan Dawkins. 67] Jody learns to work with Aiden
and control his abilities. This draws the CIA\’s attention.

– The studio\’s latest venture,Detroit: However, Detroit: Become Human for PS4 and MS Windowsshould be the first title to receive a sequel.

Detroit: Become Human will intersect three different storylines and feature three different characters.

– Police investigatorConnoris tasked with hunting down androids that have deviated from their programming. Along with Lieutenant Hank Anderson,he investigates the deviant. [The second character is housekeeper Kara . She does housework and takes care of a young girl who is being abused by her own father. [91] Kara [92] rebels and runs away with the girl.
– Janitor MarcusAfter being dumped in a junkyard, he devotes his life to freeing other androids from slavery.

Heavy Rain clearly had a coherent storyline. While fans of Beyond: Two Souls would certainly love to see a sequel, the studio confirmed

that a sequel will not be produced anytime soon,

which is why the news of a possible sequel to the android story was a surprise.

The company\’s president, David Cage,had publicly stated that he liked the title “Detroit” well enough and would not be opposed to a sequel. The game offers a variety of ways to tell several different stories. Whether or not a second installment will eventually be developed will also depend on good ideas. The studio wants to keep the quality high. There is also discussion about whether to expand “Detroit” with DLC.
Bonus chapters in the form of DLC have already been added to “Heavy Rain. It is the Taxidermist chapter,and was not included in the PS4 version

: it is unconfirmed whether Become Human will be set in a different city.