If you think starting your own business as soon as possible, getting rich quick and living wealthy is a good idea, you are mistaken. At least according to this billionaire, young inexperienced people starting their own businesses are naive and often have terrible results. What is it all about?
úředník v kanceláři

  1. Lack of experience
  2. Lack of self-reflection
  3. Excessive predation
  4. Guts

All of these are common to young people who want to live LIFE if they want to open a financial company. That is, have a good time as soon as possible, make millions of dollars, retire at age 30, and enjoy the rest of your life on a yacht. But it doesn\’t work that way. Especially in the financial world. What often happens is that deals go bad, go wrong, and you lose a lot of money to a lot of people you neither forget nor forgive. And you\’re already dragging your feet. And it\’s not hard to make bad decisions, just a little mistake out of carelessness, and as soon as you get it over with, the problem is solved.
obchodní poradenství

The burial ground of hardworking people

Many young people get so much over their heads that they can\’t keep up afterwards. Then a major explosion occurs and their world slowly begins to collapse. The result is burnout syndrome (burnout), and they end up in debt with the money they “pass” on.

The most important thing is to experience something first; in business, this means experiencing, learning, and improving on the successes and failures of a large company. Learn to read people and learn to read between the lines. Only after you have had enough bad experiences can you think about doing it yourself.
radost z výhry

Don\’t rush

This is the watchword. In short, don\’t expect to get rich overnight, but make your way slowly, sometimes boldly, sometimes dangerously. In order to scold others, you must first scold yourself a little. So if you\’re thinking of doing this, you\’d better get a job at a big company first, get some experience, and enjoy the feeling that someone will pick up the pieces for you before you jump into a puddle.