If your child\’s vocabulary is low, even if the teacher points it out, there is still something you can do. Using gibberish words is no fun for anyone. You don\’t have to buy expensive games, just a piece of paper and a pencil will suffice.scrabble.jpg

There are many word games, but you will always remember the ones you played as a child. The way to play the skip game is to take any word and use it to make other words. It is one of the basic word games that can be played almost anywhere. You can even do it when you are waiting for the bus. Point to the poster, identify the word, and compete with your child and parent to see how many other words you can make from it.
Letter Word Jumble
This game is very similar to Jumble, but the words consist of letters pulled randomly from a bag. You can provide your own letters in the bag, and each letter, including commas, is placed in the bag three times. For example, you can write a letter on a piece of cut-up cardboard to keep the game going for a number of rounds. Shuffle the letters in the bag and take out 10. Set a stopwatch or alarm for one minute, or a time determined by the two of you, and begin writing the words you made from the letters you drew. You will find that your child enjoys this game very much.
Another interesting game using letters. It is actually an improved method of making words from letters. The improvement lies in the scoring board and in the fact that the principle of making words is slightly different. This game can be bought at better toy stores or on the Internet. The letters in the bag are shuffled, and each player takes 10 of them and shows them to no one to make a word. Your opponent continues that word with his or her own word. The number of letters used is taken from the bag. The one with the highest score is the winner.
Word Football
You know this game. Someone says a word and the other player must say a word that begins with the last letter of the opponent\’s word. Continue this until you still know it. In this way, a very large vocabulary can be acquired and practiced. The game can be played with one or two last letters. It depends on how familiar you are with this game.SlovnĂ­ hra.jpg
Cities, names, animals, objects
For this game you will need a piece of paper and a letter on a piece of cut paper. Draw one of the letters and everyone starts writing words that begin with that letter. It can be a city, a name, an animal, an object, an activity, anything. The first person to finish writing says “stop”. The words are then judged. Words that are the same as the other person\’s are crossed out, and words that are different get 1 point. Blanks receive negative points.
Do you think these games are easy? Then you can make them as difficult as you want. It is up to your imagination.