When you started your new job, you were curious, full of anticipation and anxiety about whether you were making the right first steps and not making unnecessary mistakes. You noticed friendly co-workers, a positive attitude, a beautiful work environment, and a boss who did not act rigidly. On the surface, it was very pleasant and a bit idyllic. Until suddenly you began to feel like you were not at work, but somewhere comfortable. When you shared your feelings about your job with your friend, she just shook her head and silently envied you.
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What was so different?
First of all, it is important to note that when you started your job, you already noticed the relaxed atmosphere of the workplace radiating from all sides. Then there was the fact that the dress code at work was very casual. Everyone was nice and cool, no one argued or raised their voice. There was something different here, not wrong, but how was it different?
And my boss answered that “question”. He spoke about company policy. Company management, you were told, prides itself on happy employees who like to come to work, who are reliable, punctual, and on time. They don\’t have to wear unreasonably gluey shirts, suits, or expensive boots, and there are no rules about the length of their hair or beards with regard to their appearance.
You are surprised to hear all this and learn more details. The company prides itself on employees who do not become disengaged and do no harm. It is important to behave properly with customers, be polite, keep smiling, be positive, and make a pleasant, trustworthy impression. This is important. Clients do not like a stressed-out office worker who, under pressure of deadlines and standards, does not even have time to go to lunch, who catches up on work at home in the evening, who has dark circles under her eyes, and who sometimes forgets what she was going to say. Clients like a relaxed, smiling, positive person who answers everything they need to, calmly, clearly, and doesn\’t forget to offer them the candy provided at each table during the conversation.
It\’s all about. Satisfied employees = satisfied customers. And more orders, jobs, and profits flow into the company. It sounds a little strange, but it\’s a positive for both sides. And the third aspect, the boss, is the most satisfied. There is nothing better than a reliable employee who doesn\’t feel pressured, even when he or she has to follow strict work rules. Employees are relaxed, and they pass that comfort on to customers. Customers are willing to change their minds on the fly for the good of the company if they feel welcome and at ease.
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This approach is less common, but every company has company policies that all employees must follow. Sometimes it is stricter, sometimes more benevolent, but always it is clearly stated what it is that they want to achieve. It is up to the employee to accept the terms.