The first admissions process for qualifying majors began on April 12, 2018.
Our daughters, sons, grandsons, and nieces are at the table, and as a rule they all have the same goals. They are usually accompanied by their parents, who keep their fingers crossed and encourage them from afar. The young people are undergoing perhaps the first and most important examination of their lives. In the first round, up to two applicants can apply, and almost all of them do so.
How do you choose which school to apply to? There are many options, and you will have the chance to research them well in advance.
vzdělávání dospělých
Open Days – Schools literally open their doors to prospective students, and prospective students and their parents can tour the facilities where their son or daughter might attend. Be prepared with questions for the teachers that you have not yet had answered. They will be happy to answer them.
Be sure to ask questions such as what jobs are available for students at that school and what is the unemployment rate if they choose that field.
The school\’s website – This is where you can find information to help you decide on higher education. A lot can be suggested by the school\’s website presence, how updated it is, and whether it is easy to navigate.
References – Ask friends and acquaintances about schools you are interested in. Talk to your parents. Parents have more experience, even if there are things you don\’t like. Ask friends who attend that school if they themselves have experienced bullying, if their classmates have experienced bullying, and most importantly, if the problem has been addressed by the school.
Private schools – Ask to see the learning contract in advance and check with the parents.
nervózní studentka
Be sure to ask about the amount of tuition fees, whether installments are accepted, and whether a portion of the tuition fees will be refunded if the student drops out
The National Institute of Education websiteis also a good help.