The first Sunday of Advent is fast approaching. Make a lovelyadvent calendarso that little ones can find candy and goodies each day and make waiting for Santa Claus more fun and joyful.
Adventní kalendář z pytlíků
Calendars can be made in many ways
If you sew
, you can buyfabric panelswith Christmas and winter motifs. Then all you have to do is sew pockets with numbers from 1 to 24 on the panels and have a surprise for the little ones.

Another variationof the fabric calendar, for example, is a small jute bag with the numbers sewn on, tied with a ribbon, and attached to a wooden clothespin with a string for hanging.

If a needle and thread are not your thing, you can make an advent calendar for children by, for example, attaching small colored letter envelopesto a metal rope with a magnet. Even if one does not buy the envelopes, a skilled person can easily make one out of colored wrapping paper with various motifs.

Also, matchboxes covered with colored paperor decorated with color or Christmas motifs are very nice options. The boxes can be assembled into the shape of a house or a mini chest, for example, so that everyone can find their own surprise in the little “drawer”. The boxes can also be connected together like train carriages.
Adventní kalendář
A nice option for kitchen homemakers would be to bake children\’s advent calendars in gingerbread doughand decorate them beautifully. The kids will surely be happy to help make them.

For something unconventional, make an advent calendarout of empty toilet paper rolls . One might think that this material is not very suitable for a Christmas theme, but the opposite is true. Fold the cut toilet paper into the shape of a tree and glue them together. Glue colored construction paper on the reverse side, turn it over, and insert a small present into the hole. Attach a loop to the top of the tree and hang it on the wall of a crib or child\’s room.