Account logins and passwords

Almost all services require user accounts, and it is essential to use the strongest password possible. To make it easier to remember, try using a little-known feature of yours, for example. However, avoid using your name or adjacent letters or numbers; a password of Qwertz12345 is not optimal. We also recommend that you do not use the same password for all your accounts. If you have many accounts, it is not easy to remember all your passwords. Password management apps can help with that. You can store individual passwords through the app. Most apps support synchronization across devices, which is very easy to handle.Přenos dat

Don\’t download programs from unknown sources

Programs and apps are essential to the ideal use of your device. Unfortunately, malicious software is available on the Internet that can render your device inoperable. Therefore, before downloading, always make sure that you are downloading from a trusted source.

Be careful what you share

Be aware that data stored online cannot be deleted. Even if it is not visible to the user, it remains in virtual space and can be tracked. Therefore, exercise extreme caution. Never open links in e-mail messages offering money or bounties. Do not respond to anti-virus download options that appear on websites. This is a scam and the program offered can steal your data or render your computer or cell phone unusable.Černý počítač

Use a proven antivirus program

Today there are software programs that can help you protect yourself not only on the Internet. These are mainly suitable for android computers and phones, but do not download antivirus for iOS as they are very safe. However, never install more than one antivirus program on the same device at the same time.


The Internet is really useful, but it must be used carefully and pitfalls avoided.