It is said that if you live for yourself and for others, happiness in life will not always pass you by. For example, there are words dedicated to the memorials of grandmothers and grandfathers, or mothers and fathers, by their friends. Yes, in the past, children often gave such memorials to each other to create their own memories and good memories of their school days, with a picture, a nice poem, a quote, a didactic text, or simply a message that was important to them and their wishes for their friends. Perhaps some children still have such mementos today. Certainly, fostering a sense of belonging and empathy for others in this way is a very important part of life. In a similar vein, the following story from a school desk on a Facebook website.

barevné balonky

A teacher entered the classroom with a smile on her face and handed out colorful inflated balloons to the students, saying she was going to play a game of luck with a neighboring class. Everyone was to inflate their balloons, sign their full name, and take them out the door into the hallway. As the children did so, the teacher continued: “Now go find the balloon you signed, you have 5 minutes.” The children went out into the hallway and looked for their balloons in the pile of balloons in the next classroom. Unfortunately, they could not find it in a short time.

chlapec s balonky

Then the teacher in the next class shouted, “Let\’s try something different this time. Everyone should pick up a balloon on the ground and give it to the person whose name is written on the balloon. The students did so, and within five minutes everyone had their own balloon. What do you think this experiment will teach us? The teacher asked, “What do you think this experiment will teach us? Imagine that the balloon is happy. Imagine that the balloon is happy. But if you think about other people\’s happiness, you will find your own. There was a quiet murmur of surprise and agreement in the hallway. Then the children headed happily into the classroom with their balloons.