The Internet is increasingly entering our lives. Many people use the Internet practically all day long, and one might say that they virtually live a second life on the Internet. And it is so different from life in the real world that it can seem like a completely different person.

práce na internetu

Part of the appeal of the Internet is its anonymity. Any of us can be virtually anyone. Here, we can create almost completely new identities. Thus, it is not uncommon for people who are shy and reserved in their everyday lives to express themselves boldly on the Internet.

One reason is that we have a kind of imaginary protection from real consequences. After all, what can they do to us if we act inappropriately? Most likely, they will just block us from expressing ourselves on that site. But this is not a problem because we can create another profile and continue the discussion if we wish.

zabezpečení internetu

This is also why many people pay little attention to what they say and do. They rely on the anonymity of the Internet to protect themselves in the real world. But they do not realize that this is only an illusion supported by their Internet provider. After all, this is also why there are various VPN servers that can mask your IP address and no one can really find out about you. But even so, this is merely a deception.

Figuring out who is hiding behind the keyboard is certainly a bit difficult for the average user, but for those with a little computer knowledge it is no problem. Of course, this also applies to police who specialize in Internet crimes. In other words, if you cross the line, the consequences are expected.

However, most people are unaware of this, and not only the individual server operators but also the police are happy about this. This is because it makes it much easier to solve potential crimes.