Reasons to start a businessVarious. Someone took over the business from their parents, and another tried to sell their specific knowledge. Someone engages in activities while studying or working that they enjoy and has found that it can make them a living.
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There are people who started a businessout of necessity and despair,for example, when they could not find a job for a long time. Perhaps you know someone from your neighborhood who started a business because he had nothing left in his situation and achieved prosperity – as the saying goes & #34;  However, these are exceptions that confirm the rule.
Doing business Out of desperation brings itcertain risksSuch a start-up entrepreneur should be clear in advance and consider whether doing business is the best solution to his current situation.
Clients usually know that you are in a bad situation, for example, enthusiastic discounts on services, the tone of your voice, the urgency of emails, etc. Many clients may be discouraged by this.

Because of financial distress and having to pay bills, they have to work on many low-quality, low-paid jobs and cannot refuse them. You can not devote yourself to your own projects that can earn you more, but they need time and can take some risks. Your business career will be reduced to performing poorly paid, unprofitable orders.This can have many unpleasant consequences for you. You will be forced to work much more than normal work. Due to fatigue and constant stress, you become more prone to burnout, which can knock you out of the work process for several months. But despite the long working hours, it may happen that you earn a little and continue to face financial problems. Therefore, you get caught in an endless loop of additional cheap orders and long working days.

How to get rid of despair?
If you start a business out of despair, you are living under constant pressure and exposed to existential distress. Strictly speaking, you work because you need to earn. But in business, it\’s important to treat your work as a game and a challenge. Try to find or create opportunities that arouse interest in you and bring a sense of pleasant excitement. You will discover new energy and new horizons in your business.
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If your business does not provide the earnings you need to survive,consider taking a part-time or part-time job,this will give you a regular and constant income than what is represented by shock income from the business, And you will cover at least part of the cost. Your financial situation will stabilize and you will break from the bottom. This allows you to reject orders that are poorly paid and have no prospects, reducing the number of projects to an acceptable level. This frees you from stress and burnout,giving you room for more interesting and better paid work.