is a country of colorful landscapes.
Slovenia\’s mountains offer a variety of natural beauty, including clear blue lakes, deep dense forests, lush green valleys, colorful orchards, crystal clear springs, and karst caves, including the largest in the world.
Bohinjské jezero

Slovenia\’s hotels offer authentic accommodations and a base from which to explore the charming villages that grace the landscape. Hiking trails with views of lakes such as Lake Bled and Kranjska Gora, or visiting Ljubljana, the capital, which is rich in art and culture.

The atmosphere along the Adriatic is very pleasant and relaxing. The beaches are clean and the resorts are well maintained. There are bicycles, pedal boats, motor boat rentals, surf boats, tennis courts, volleyball courts, playgrounds, mini golf, swimming pools, etc.
Jezero Bled

The Ville Park Hotel in Portorož and the famous Belvedere campsite near Izola are well known.

If you are visiting the coastal region, the most beautiful coastal town Piran is definitely not to be missed. It is the best-preserved cultural heritage site in the Slovenian Istria region and is sometimes called the “town of gorgeous flowers. Whenever you view Piran from afar or from above, you will be captivated by its historic center, a wedge of land that enters the sea, topped by high ramparts. The architectural style, influenced by the Venetian Republic, is very interesting, but the core of Piran retains its medieval structure to this day, with winding narrow streets and dense houses that rise like waterfalls from the sea. The most famous, Piazza Tartini, is the jewel in the center of Piran.
Pobřežní město Piran

Near the town of Koper, the Škocjan Caves offer an unforgettable experience of a lifetime. At 146 meters high and 120 meters wide, the hall is called “Martel\’s House” and is the largest of its kind in the world. The entire tour is more than 5 km long, and from the ledge you can enjoy breathtaking views deep into the river in a space reminiscent of Moria in the famous movie “The Lord of the Rings.”

Slovenia is about the same size as Moravia, yet it is a gem of diversity.