Let me introduce you to a book titled “Miracle Cleaning: Tidy Up Once and for All” written and published by author Marie Kondo, an international bestseller. If you know what it is about, you will love the KONMARI method. It is a complete tidying up, a kind of key to open up one\’s consciousness and step into a completely different realm. After the “cleansing,” you will feel relieved and realize that you have driven away the fear and anxiety of getting rid of something that gave you no pleasure, that you were clinging to only for the memories. You will admit that you had been tormenting them close to home just for the sake of nostalgia.

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With the Kommari Method, you will be surrounded by only those things that give you satisfaction and stimulate you, with clear awareness and conscience. And at the same time, you will return home with your emotions recharged and a smile on your mouth. It is as if your soul has been awakened and purified.
What do you remember? You open a drawer and there are knick-knacks and memorabilia that remind you of a wonderful vacation. Cards from friends from when postcards were still common are among them. I read them years ago and forget that I kept them. But then I realize that I need that drawer to store important papers, and I am loath to throw these scraps away, so I make room in another drawer and fit them in there. That is not how the new method works. Instead, it is about answering the question of whether these things matter to you. How do you find them?
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Take each object in the palm of your hand, feel it in your hand, and let the feelings it evokes in you act upon it. In this way, list all the things that affect you negatively.
The cleaning process begins in your mind first. Some may find this difficult or even impossible to understand. So follow the instructions in the book. The condition is that you do not change anything of your own volition, but stick to the predetermined rules.