Even if you treat your pool water with care, it can still get dirty. What can you do about it? Obviously, the only way is to clean the tank perfectly, but that requires a lot of effort. However, there is no need to worry. With a quality helper, you can clean it almost by yourself in no time.
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The first step is to remove large pieces of debris that seem to be floating on the surface of the water. To remove debris, a net for the surface and a net for the bottom layer is ideal. With these, you can easily reach all corners of the pool and catch as much macro debris as possible, such as fallen leaves. But there is still much more to do. There is certainly a lot of dirt at the bottom of the pool as well. This is best removed with a pool vacuum. You can choose from automatic, semi-automatic, and manual pool vacuum cleaners. It is best to match the size of the pool aquarium with the type of vacuum cleaner. If you have a small to medium sized pool aquarium, a manual vacuum cleaner is the best choice. You can also add other nice accessories such as telescoping poles and brushes. Thanks to the long telescoping pole, you can comfortably reach every corner without getting wet, and thanks to the various brushes, you won\’t miss any dirt that has settled on the bottom, corners, or pool walls.
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A powerful pool filtration system that gradually removes small dirt particles from the water completes everything else. And don\’t forget the chemical treatment of the pool, which is the best preventative measure against algae and other unwanted microorganisms growing in the aquarium.