Gasoline and diesel fuel at gas stations must meet appropriate technical quality standards. In many cases, gas stations sell fuels that are upgraded with various additives. In addition to premium fuels, gas stations also offer an improved basic range. It is difficult to compare their products with those of competitors. There are no standards for premium fuels.
stojan na benzin
Natural 95 and diesel fuelsthat meet the quality requirements of Czech standardsare commonly available at gas stations. In addition to the common fuels, fuels with better properties than the Czech standard are also commercially available. They are called premium fuels. [Premium fuelsare intended to provide a higher level of performance. For example,
– lower fuel consumption
– lower maintenance costs
– higher vehicle performance
These qualities are checked by a committee
tankovací pistole
of the Czech Petroleum Industry Trade Association (CAPPO). Thus, consumers should not rely on the fact that more expensive diesel oil at the pump is necessarily at a premium. Of course, gasoline and diesel always meet the relevant standards, but different stands may contain different additives and have different properties and benefits.23]tankování vozu
In addition to premium fuels, large companies also offer base ranges with additives. Therefore, customer orientation in such a broad product range of oil companies is sometimes very difficult. In the case of low-cost gas station chains, people often do not realize that they are refueling with additive-free diesel fuel. If they are paying extra for expensive, additive-enhanced diesel fuel, which is not at all comparable to the premium fuel of a reputable network, they are misleading their customers. In this case, the less-is-more rule does not apply.