If you do your job, you will soon understand what politics is for. Why it was created in the first place, how it is supposed to function, what it is supposed to offer us, how it is supposed to benefit us. But when we compare this with our everyday reality, we cannot help but get the impression that such theories do not correspond very well to our practice. What does a cursory consideration of the subject of politics tell us?

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  • Politicians are, in fact, elected and paid employees of the state and are therefore to serve and be accountable to it They are the employer and breadwinner of the politicians. As the employers and breadwinners of politicians, each of us as citizens should be in a position to tell them what to do within the limits of our elected votes. Of course, that is what we are witnessing. Even if the majority of the people disagree with them, they remain in their seats until the elections. And sometimes, after the elections are over, they try to somehow slip into another, more popularly favored party.
  • Politicians should represent their country with dignity. But they represent only that. One tried to steal a pen in front of a camera, another went straight to a Swiss bank with fake documents for billions.
  • Politics should be beneficial to the people. But it is. Let us recall a few things. At the end of its reign, the previous government declared that healthy inflation was necessary to justify handing out uncovered money to corrupt the electorate, and the previous government banned the people from any gainful employment and made them dependent on public funds for their very existence. And the more the politicians of past governments butter their heads, the more they say today that the days of “that man” were better.

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But our politics are many things. Just not a valuable service to its (i.e. our) country. Most people don\’t care anymore. They are convinced on a mass scale that they can\’t change it anyway. Except, perhaps, if we elect Ukrainians and their ilk to government in the future. You know, someone who actually works for us. Unfortunately, for the time being, only as construction workers.