Wild camping is a type of travel that does not require camping. Most of the time you travel by car and sleep in a car, but sometimes you sleep in a tent. What does this type of trip entail and why is it worth trying?
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Saving money
This point will probably interest all travelers. This travel style is 100% flexible, not just “economical” but also 100% low-cost. The savings on lodging in traditional hotels and camps are very high, and the same is true for meals and other services. When traveling wild, the only expenses are fuel and food, which can also usually be saved considerably. But that doesn\’t mean you can\’t enjoy the trip. The opposite is also true! By focusing on quality, but basic, locally grown food, you can avoid unnecessary shopping. It also makes shopping more intuitive. Since you only buy what you can eat, you won\’t throw food away. This not only saves the household money, but also means that they act responsibly and do not waste food.

The biggest reason people travel wild is definitely the feeling of freedom! You get in your car and go wherever you want. If they get to their destination and don\’t like it, or if the weather is bad, they get back behind the wheel and drive “one house over”. If we pass a place we like, we just stop and take a look. Sleeping in the same hotel for a week is a bit of a stretch right now, don\’t you think?
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The ratio of adventure to security
Let\’s not kid ourselves… Some people simply don\’t want to step out of their comfort zone and are terrified of the word adventure. In fact, many people think of the word as not being able to do laundry for a few days or sleeping in the mud under the open sky. Others fear that every day of their vacation is not planned out in detail and that they will lose confidence and control. But wilderness travel is truly wonderful in its flexibility. Each person decides the balance between adventure and peace of mind! If you want to be in control of the situation, you can plan the entire trip in advance. The Internet is full of ways to find a reliable place to sleep, plan your route, and there are even sites that will map out where you can wash up comfortably for these purposes! On the other hand, if you don\’t want to do so, you can travel completely spontaneously, without having to do this.

A wild journey can therefore be made by anyone!