Who would want to shop in person at stores scattered all over town, only to find themselves stuck in traffic jams, waiting in line forever, and unable to get their products? One can sit down in front of a computer, launch an Internet browser, type in the products one needs, and the device itself will easily find the best products for one\’s needs. The pictures, the e-shop page, and most importantly, the price. Very quickly, an online comparator page appears , helping you decide
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and allowing you to set many criteria.
Many compare on price

We always want to save money, even if the product is expensive. We prefer a slightly higher price for the same product if we have a particular preference for a store where we have had a good experience. But this may not be the only reason. Many e-shops offer slightly higher prices, but offer, for example, greater guarantees, discounts on next purchases, and various giftsthat may or may not be related to the purchased product.
Some of the criteria are not even noticed that the comparables have. On the other hand, other criteria are inadequate or unnecessary. For example, ranking refrigerators by name sounds completely inefficient. Many small e-shops, indeed, offer comparators that merely sort by name, price, or price range setting.
Especially for electronics and appliances, more aspects need to be added for comparison. Power, color, manufacturer, operating memory in the case of laptops, weight, hard drive, graphics card, and other parameters are all somewhat necessary to make the best choice for purchase and subsequent satisfaction.
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On the other hand, others may buy a product that catches their eye, with no need for any comparisons at all, not realizing that it is being sold somewhere else, does not come with accessories, does not offer free shipping, and may consider its performance to be poor.
Small e-shops will no doubt invest in better systems that offer more choices for a more convenient and accurate shopping experience. But nowadays, one can find very clear and practical comparison engines that help with literally every shopping choice and subsequent order.