We all know the real world is not perfect. It has many flaws. And this is one of the reasons why people flee the real world for the virtual world of the Internet. It may not look like it at first glance, but even the Internet is not perfect.

You can find anything on the Internet, including things you would miss in everyday reality. This is true. But the more choices we have, the more we have to be careful what we choose among what is offered. Because here, perhaps more than anywhere else, not all gold is shiny gold. And many people have profited by betting on the brilliance of the Internet.

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The Internet is perfect in that we can find answers to almost any question. Whatever we are interested in, someone has already researched the topic and provided it. And even if it is mere information, we must be careful. Because anyone can post anything on the Internet, and because of the anonymity of the Internet, our peers have no idea whose advice we are taking to heart, nor do they have any idea what someone\’s intentions are in posting it.

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In principle, this should be considered before any information is considered true. One should certainly consider whether a seemingly lucrative offer is really lucrative. One should also think carefully about whether one is paying someone or offering confidential and exploitable information, etc. Because \’the enemy is listening\’ has been known since the time of the comrades. It has been known since the days before the Internet, but the danger has become even greater.

Thus the advent of the Internet is both good and bad. If its existence is to be an advantage rather than a risk, we should always use common sense and not underestimate the development of intelligence. Surrendering one\’s thoughts to the Internet is convenient, but it often backfires more often than it helps.