We see successful businessmen who wear designer suits, drive beautiful cars, and go home to luxurious homes with beautiful wives. For many people, this image evokes both envy and a sense of the unfairness of life. Why is this man so successful? I, on the other hand, struggle with scales and can\’t even afford a decent car without a lease.
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Beware of these thoughts. They subtly drag you into the role of victim. And victims can never succeed. We are who we are. This appears to be the definition of a circle. And to some extent, it is also the definition of a circle. Because that is how the world works. As long as we nurture our position as victims, we can never step out of it toward success. If you want to be successful, you have to become successful. And successful people are never envious. Because they don\’t have the time. They are completely focused on themselves and their goals. So how can one step onto the path to success?
1. Get rid of feelings of jealousy
Turn jealousy into admiration. The choice is yours. Envy will take you nowhere. Envy keeps you in a disadvantageous low position. Admiration of the successful, on the other hand, brings you closer to your ideal.
2. imitate successful people
Their standard of living is not that high. Imitate their work and lifestyle. Read about their habits and rituals. You may be surprised how much effort is actually hidden behind their success.
3. Surround yourself with like-minded people
Surround yourself with people who support your worldview. Their mere presence will support you in achieving your goals on the road to a successful life.
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4. Remove Inner Blocks
We are often our own biggest obstacle to success. It is called lack of self-confidence. However, these are most likely dysfunctional patterns that have accumulated in our minds over the course of our lives. The foundations of these self-destructive patterns tend to be rooted really deep in the subconscious. Work on them. Discover them and learn how to overcome them.