What about starting a little learning in kindergarten to prepare them for school?For example, some kindergartens offer participation in foreign language clubs.It is certainly up to the parents whether to enroll their children in an educational club or leave them as they are and let them play.

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However, there is sometimes no harm in letting them join an educational club because they can at least learn some useful basics for school. In the case of foreign languages, this is rather beneficial. Even now, some children have difficulty with it, and if they had started learning it earlier, a different approach could have been taken. It is in kindergarten that teachers can teach children basic words and phrases.

Some children enjoy going to foreign language clubs. This also takes place during the day, so you don\’t have to worry about waiting for your child after school. It is always arranged at a reasonable time.

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There is really nothing wrong with learning already in kindergarten. With something like this, your child will not really be confused and may have no problem finding his or her way around school afterwards.Some kindergartens teach more than just foreign languages. You should definitely ask your local kindergarten if they do this and what they do.Many parents are mainly concerned about the price, which is usually around ¥500,000 per year for something like this.It is up to you to decide if you want to join an educational club within the preschool, but it may be just right for your child.