You probably remember the bland carpets well as the flooring material in almost every home. Carpeting had many disadvantages, such as dust accumulation and the need for frequent maintenance. However, this has become a thing of the past, with many people preferring wood flooring and other types of flooring materials instead of carpeting. Andcarpetas such has been overshadowed. But that will not last long. Now carpets are back in the limelight, but in a slightly different form than before.

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Carpets in the living room
Carpets are back in vogue
Carpets are back in vogue today, especially the piece ones. Piece carpets in a variety of colors and geometric shapes have been a hit. But forget about that for now. It is already boring and dull. Bright colors as well as interesting shapes add flair and vitality to interiors.
Forget dull grays. It\’s time to redecorate your home.

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Peace rugs
Geometry is not just for schools
Geometry is the combination of different shapes to create interesting elements. And these elements are currently in vogue and perfectly complement any interior.
Bet on the new, unconventional shapes that are the latest trend. They are perfect for minimalist interiors. Don\’t be afraid of bright, playful colors. You don\’t have to worry about being eccentric or cluttered. The opposite is also true. If you have a neutral interior, a multi-colored carpet with an interesting geometric pattern is perfect.
Colorful colors can brighten and energize any interior, giving it new vitality and sparkle. For a small outlay, you can transform your home into a catalog home in no time.
Or, if you want something more subdued, you can bet on interestingly shaped pieced carpets. Still, it would be perfect for a living room, for example.
Upgrade your interior and get some new home accessories.