The good news is that the days when you could tighten exams to short skirts, necklines or sleep with examiners are probably gone forever After a series of circumstances in which allegations against teachers, mainly female students, led to investigations and dismissals, professors have become more cautious and more women have joined the ranks. But this does not mean that sexism has disappeared from Czech universities, but only its form has changed.

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Officially, all students have the same status, the same rights and duties, but in fact, ladies and gentlemen were often to prove that they deserved their place, the professor was supposed to declare that the woman did not belong to the studio, and he was certainly not alone in this opinion. Doubts about women\’s ability to deal with tough technical areas and social pressures still make some areas the realm of men, and women insist on themselves.
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The problem is to hide sexism with humor. References to the figure and appearance of a woman are still frequent, and if any of the women in question let themselves, she is considered hysterical. In addition, many exams are still done verbally, so no one wants to have a troublemaker or a troublemaker label. And everyone laughs at the self-proclaimed joker or is stunned by silence. How to get out of this? Gentlemen, we need you on our side. If you encounter such behavior, whether from a teacher or from a friend or classmate, you should not remain silent. Do not laugh at jokes, they are usually not so pleasant, and if you have the courage, come forward.
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Support your classmates whenever they dare to hear them aloud. You will soon notice that a lot of what looks like a harmless joke is unpleasant and harmful to them. On the other hand, efforts by women and girls to use some stereotypes to their advantage should be similarly condemned. It will be possible to eradicate it only if the student shows that he does not tolerate such behavior.