Apprenticeship education is currently not gaining much interest and prestige. This is a mistake, as the number of skilled tradespeople is declining. However, efforts are certainly being made to change this situation and to motivate future apprentices. It is clear that on the one hand there is an increase in the number of college graduates and on the other hand there is a significant shortage of people with basic education and professionals. Something needs to be done about this.
Prázdná učebna
Apprentice workers are motivated by the various benefits they find. One such benefit is, for example, scholarships. In the past, scholarships were a privilege of studying in college. Very bright students could earn merit scholarships. One may also encounter social scholarships for college students with low family incomes. This benefit is SEK 3,050, which is equivalent to a quarter of the minimum wage. Unfortunately, not all parents know about this, and many promising young people are forced into employment by their parents.
However, we are talking about scholarships in the apprenticeship system. Apprentices and apprentices with a high school diploma receive an incentive, and in some cases, a benefit scholarship. On top of that, they are paid for their work experience. Many young people are attracted to this program. Scholarships are also motivating for young people from socially disadvantaged families whose parents themselves do not have sufficient work skills or social habits. These young people learn that working and learning can be rewarding and that it is not desirable to end up with a primary education.
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It is understandable that parents want their children to have access to higher education. However, it is important to consider whether their children really have the necessary qualities. One option is to complete an apprenticeship in business. Indeed, most artisans work as self-employed and then learn the basics of management and accounting as part of a business apprenticeship, perfectly preparing them for their professional future.