Robot vacuum cleaners have penetrated homes very naturally in a short time and Czech consumers have embraced them enthusiastically. In today\’s hectic world, where family, hobbies, travel, and of course, one\’s profession take precedence, it is almost natural to make everyday household chores easier. Robot vacuum cleaners are excellent daily cleaning helpers, especially appreciated by mothers with small children, dog and cat owners, the physically challenged, and those who like order but don\’t have time for daily vacuuming. Robot vacuums can clean even when you are not home. They also eliminate the need to carry cords, hoses, and heavy vacuum cleaners around the apartment or house.
vysavač na koberci

Vacuum cleaners can be found on the Czech market in a variety of price ranges, so almost anyone can afford one. It goes without saying that price reflects quality, but even the cheapest vacuum cleaner should serve a basic purpose. It may not have the features of the more expensive vacuum cleaners, but it will certainly get the job done. Purchase prices range from around SEK 2,000 for the cheapest ones to more than SEK 30,000 for the most expensive ones. It depends on what each person expects from the robot and what its capabilities are.
smeták a mop
What can a vacuum cleaner do and how does it work?
– Move systematically or randomly through a room at various intervals, sucking up dust and other small debris
– Vacuum cleaners are adaptable to different surfaces, from tile, flooring, lino to carpet, knowing where it has already cleaned and where it has not
– Some come with a mop and can mop at the same time
– Can return to a charging station when battery capacity runs low.
Before buying a vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to define your priorities and, of course, find out more about technical parameters such as power, battery life, size of the waste container, etc. You can also try the model in person at a store or read reviews of the model on the Internet.