The term hipster has until recently been primarily associated with the fact that the people who are part of it are very different from society. They listened to independent music and favored underground art and alternative cinema. They were never difficult to find, as they did not blend in with the crowd. Moreover, they stood out for their unconventional fashionand other distinctive elements. In many cases, the hairstyle already revealed who the person was. In a sense, they were rebels against everything society promoted.
The hipster style

was reflected in life itself. At its root was dissatisfaction with consumerism and mass production. However, this lifestyle was not for everyone.plakáty na zdi

Fashion Trends.
Today, a slightly different style is set. This style is for those who prefer to spend their money on experiences, travel, and good food
rather than on material things. The style of the “new” is not necessarily the same as the “old” style: fine furniture, designer accessories, etc.kolo doma u stolu. However, there are still a few DIYers who are interested in repairing old furniture or building new ones. It is their pride and joy when customers visit them. Those who are not particularly skilled visit pure Czech furniture makers and buy furniture handcrafted in the original way. Bicycles are also part of the house, often becoming a decorative elementkolo doma u stolu

Some things do not belong here

This style professes originality above all, but at the same time, price point is the deciding factor. Thus, while art should definitely be on the walls, no one would expect expensive paintings here. More popularare framed posters. And there are no televisions here. But if you must have a TV, you must find a way to hide it, so alockable cabinetis ideal. Sometimes it is worth visiting the stock exchange or bazaar.