It was 1997 and a book appeared on the shelves of our bookstore and it flew around the world in a short time. Her name is Harry Potter and the Philosopher\’s Stone, and her author is J.R.R.It was Tolkien.K.Rowling became the most widely read author of children\’s literature. To date, Part 7 has already been released, and due to great popularity, Harry Potter was successfully filmed in 2001. 2002, Harry Potter and the Secret Room, 2004, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire appeared on the screen of the film in 2005. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2010.  Warts have become a familiar place to almost every child on Earth. Hermione, Dumbledore, Voldemort. 

Harry Potter

If you\’re going to have a really fun afternoon with your kids, Harry Potter is also waiting for you with a new game. And not just any. An encryption game called the School of Magic and Magic. It is designed for any number of players. You will be welcomed by your children and their friends. Perhaps the only condition for all players is at least 1 knowledge of the first part of the book of Harry Potter. This game does not play on the phone, but in PDF format you download it to your computer by email, so you yourself choose the best time to start it, you can play at home, in the garden or in the nearby forest, so you still need to prepare some necessary tools.

Nápověda ve hře

Turn on the pencil, paper, scissors and, if possible, the printer. And for all those who are not sure of their knowledge, even one of the parts of Harry Potter.1 That\’s just in case because during the game for 2 hours you are waiting for 11 tasks. From there you have to pass a difficult exam. Take care of hidden secrets, tricky ciphers, divination from numbers, clairvoyance or magic holes. And this is just a few of the tasks that are waiting for you in this magical game. Perhaps the biggest advantage of the new joint pastime is the fact that it can take place at the table in the living room. If there are more people, you can divide them into teams and work on the task as a team. If you want to talk to witchcraft with a magic wand to your desires, an owl that brings letters from warts, or a snake, you are at the right address. This game will bring you many magical surprises.