complex. Everyone has it. Those who say they don\’t have it are making it up. Small breasts, large breasts, more hair, less hair, big nose, crooked nose, big hips, bags under the eyes, cellulite, thick fingers, crooked teeth, thin lips, red face, freckles, wrinkles, gray hair, etc. Usually,pubertygives us different worries


than the entranceof the 50-year-old.
However, the most widespread problem across generations and across genders and sexes is overweight. More often than not, excess fat, muscle, and skin. Kilos can be misleading and should not be looked at too often. Raise your hand if you have never tried dieting . Well, not many people have.


Most people experience this at some point in their lives. Trousers unbuttoned, shirts unbuttoned, tires on our stomachs instead of pants. Some people gain weight when they are happy and content and out with loved ones ; others are miserable and gain weight when they are taking food out of the refrigerator. For some it is short-term, for others it is a lifelong struggle. Some give up and settle for an XL (XXL, XXXL) size, while others are constantly looking for new ways to control their excess weight. Televisions are filled with advertisements for miracle exercise machines and products, nutritionists keep diaries, and gyms are everywhere. People feel that the more money they spend, the more guaranteed the results. New superfoods, slimming teas, seeds, supplements. At home, you can buy all kinds of miracle exercise equipment.


All you need are decent shoes and centuries of proven walking . Just walking a few kilometers a day and taking the stairs instead of the elevator can have wonderful benefits. Find the time and the opportunity, and don\’t make excuses all the time.
So don\’t get lazy and comfortable; get moving! You are doing this for your own good!