As soon as it gets a little warmer outside, groups of young Pokémon hunters begin flocking to the streets. Cell phones in hand, they patiently wait for their prey at GPS-marked spots (PokéStops). Objects are hidden in the Pokéstops. Poké Barry, Great Barry, Raspberry, Egg, Resurrection, and Potion. PokéStops can be used every 5 minutes. Approach a PokéStop on the map and click to activate it. Wait until a purple circle appears above it. Then turn it. Later in the game, you can lure more Pokémon closer to you. Activating the incense extends the time to 30 minutes, increasing your chances of a new capture. Even more effective is to use a lure module. However, this can also be used by other players nearby.
Skupina lovců Pokémonů

Fun ways to catch Pokémon

It is important to study the rules carefully before starting the game. They are constantly being improved and expanded. To enhance the visual effect, go out of your way to choose the appearance of your trainer. You can also choose a team to help you get started. You can choose your first Pokémon when you start the game. You can choose from Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Searchl. You may also be able to catch Pikachu. Before you catch a Pokémon, you should check its strength. Use it to help you decide if catching that Pokémon will be beneficial to you. Sometimes a Pokéball is so strong that it escapes and resists capture and you have to try again. Sometimes they disappear completely and cannot be captured.
Displej telefonu s Pokémonem

An added bonus in catching Pokémon is a perfectly crafted city plan. With all the unusual landmarks, statues, and buildings. serve as the most frequent Pokémon catching locations. For each Pokémon stop, it is possible to find on the mobile display detailed data about the landmark in front of which the hunter is standing. When was it built and by whom? In most cases, what materials were used to build it. And the name of the architect. Thus, many interesting facts about the history of the city can be learned in the form of games.