Socialism. It was a strange time, but today we remember it in a “retro” style, living in the memories of a generation that lived through it in its youth. Vacations and vacations were not spent domestically as they are today. There was no expensive foreign travel, Western destinations were forbidden, and the most distant luxury was a stay in Cuba.
blondýna s batohem

However, people were able to enjoy their leisure time appropriately. Mainly in the form of staying in cottages or camping under tents. Large quantities of necessary props were carried in trabants, jiggleskis, and skodas, among which were heavy tent structures, bulky blanket sleeping bags, dining sets, plastic cups, and first and foremost, propane butane cookers.
oheň táboráku

Holidays under a tent

It used to be customary to camp in one place, such as a campsite by a river or pond, and stay there for about three weeks. However, sleeping under a tent was comfortable, sleeping bags were warm, and quilts and pillows were sometimes brought. Cooking was pretty standard gas stove and bomb, and there was plenty of time to prepare a delicious bourt grasch or stir-fried mushrooms. These vacations are unforgettable. Surprisingly, some people take it in a more positive spirit than they do today in their luxury guesthouses. Those were friendlier, more peaceful times, and virtually no one spent all their time thinking about what “gadgets” they would have to deal with when they got home.
kotlíky na ohništi

Holidays in the Movies

The stories and lifestyles of people under socialism were also subjects for filmmakers. They were depicted in the “Cottager” series, in the films “Angel\’s Holiday” and “Angel of the Mountains” and in the legendary film “Na samotě u les”. Moreover, the 1970s was a favorable time for cottage and country living, and it was common to spend vacations there. Friday is Not a Holiday, starring Petr Kostka and Jorga Kotlubová, is an interesting film that also reveals the negative features of the regime of the time.