When two or more people stay together for too long without being able to escape, they begin to bite each other to death. This is quite natural. But in a small apartment, not even a three-bedroom, it is difficult to move elsewhere without seeing the other person. So it is very important to schedule your life so that at least some days of the day you can be alone to think, work alone, and do things you enjoy. It is always better to give them a little rest than to smother them more and more until they dissipate.


Make room for yourself

If you find yourself having black thoughts about the other person, “Enough!” and go to your room. and go to one of the rooms that you can close. Take a book, a computer, anything that will help you overcome the negative feelings that are building up inside you. And forbid your partner, friends, roommates, and even your children to go in there. Give yourself time to relax. Don\’t be afraid. The building will not catch fire or explode if you are not there for a few hours. Children, too, can entertain themselves for a few hours without being in immediate danger. It is a matter of coping.

If you can, take a walk in the fresh air

Take every precaution and go for it. Get some fresh air somewhere outdoors, try a park, or take a short walk around your apartment or condo. You would be surprised how often five minutes like that can make a person\’s world better, especially in such a critical moment. You might even play a song from your headphones to help you think differently. Again, not being there for 10 or 20 minutes will not set your apartment on fire.

obývací pokoj

If someone who tests positive is in the house, that person must be quarantined. Unfortunately, this is the rule. Everything should be coordinated so that the person can stay in his or her room for as long as possible. Shared spaces should always be thoroughly sanitized and cooked for the person as much as possible.