Even if you don\’t play adrenaline sports, you can still have an accident that requires medical attention. Then you can use insurance if you are abroad. But that is not the only reason you should have insurance.
You can also get insurance in case you are unable to travel. Many people purchase trips and vacations with so-called last-minute offers. In other words, they purchase a vacation sometime in October and leave sometime in August of the following year. Since such offers are less expensive, many customers reach for them. But, of course, when they buy, they do not know that their children will become ill or they themselves will recover from an injury just before departure. So they can forget about the vacation.
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Cancellation Fee Insurance
Every travel agency protects itself from the arbitrary actions of customers who are displeased and try to cancel their trips for no good reason. Travel agencies protect themselves through cancellation fees. This fee is the amount of money that the travel agency keeps if the customer withdraws from the travel contract, and it is higher the closer the departure date of the tour is to the date of departure. The closer to the departure date of the tour, the higher the fee. The travel agency can thus reduce the losses incurred by cancelling the tour. If the customer has insurance and the reason meets the insurance requirements, the fee is paid by the insurance company to the travel agency. Thus, the customer does not lose money.
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Medical Expense Insurance
If a customer becomes ill while traveling abroad and needs to receive medical treatment, that treatment will likely be expensive. If you have insurance, your doctor will contact your insurance company and arrange reimbursement directly. Alternatively, you can pay for your treatment and be reimbursed by your insurance company upon your return home.
Mountain Rescue Insurance
Not everything that happens during a vacation is covered by regular insurance. For example, if you have an accident in the mountains of Slovakia, the mountain rescue service will intervene and charge you for the costs. This would be covered by an insurance policy specifically for mountain service intervention.
Check the terms and conditions of your insurance policy before setting out anywhere. Many inconveniences can be avoided.