From the simplest “Don\’t Be Angry Man” to the more complex “Monopoly” or “Bang,” every gamer knows a board game! Hours of fun have been spent with family and friends playing board games, but in today\’s world, where many people just want to have fun, not compete, games with a purely entertainment element come out on top.

hrací deska člověče nezlob se

We all know at least one person who revels in dark humor. It\’s the kind of joke that wouldn\’t fly in mainstream society, but he always has plenty of it and isn\’t afraid to use it right away. It is for people like this that the game “Cards Against Humanity” was created. As the saying goes, “There is power in simplicity,” and so it is in this case. The game is quite simple: from a black and white deck, all cards are dealt to the players, with the black cards representing questions and the white cards representing answers. One player always asks the question, and the other player gives the wittiest answer. Often this creates awkward situations and amuses people with black humor as well
lidé smějící se u stolu

lidé smějící se u stolu

In recent years, a meme has become widespread on the Internet. For those who are not familiar with what they are, a meme is an image from another show or movie, in short, anything that proclaims an idea. Based on these memes (memes, memes, memes), the board game “Say What You Meme” was created. The concept is similar to Cards Against Humanity, where players are dealt cards and pair the most interesting catchphrases and appropriate images from social networking sites such as Facebook and Reddit.

These board games can keep a group of players entertained for quite a long time, and it always connects any player with a more inventive answer. The outcome always depends on the player\’s ability to imagine the situation and make it a humorous affair. These games are for the younger generation. If you do not know what game to choose for your next party, try this unconventional entertainment with an exception.